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Home Products Catheter Storage Cabinet C
Catheter Storage Cabinet C

Product Name: Catheter Storage Cabinet C

Model Number: JDGDG121C

Dimensions: L910*W670*H2000mm

Material: Cold-rolled steel, Stainless steel

Product Purpose

Create a more scientific and reasonable medical equipment treatment space, through the flexible operation of accessories, to achieve 6 S of nursing unit management. Clear zoning, rational allocation of functions, reduce the duplication of medical staff, reduce management confusion caused by errors, standardized storage space for drugs and equipment.

Product Innovation - Accessories

1.Various accessoriess, customized functions

a. Storage Solution (Customiza number of catheter hooks as required)

b. Combination of storage accessories

2. More storage functions

a. Classified Storage Box

Product Innovation - ABS Medicine Box

1.Medicine box can be interchanged

2. ISO Basket (600 x 400mm)

3. Label Management

Product Application