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Operation Table

Product Name: Operation Table

Model Number: JDCJF112B

Dimensions: L2100*W550*H700-1000mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Product Features

Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, it comes with intelligent automatic control system satisfying various demands of general surgeries. Longitudinal slide up to 350mm for free access to C-arm. Extreme weight load capacity of 250kg with highest safety and stability . Memory pad with antistatic, waterproof design . Standard override panel control makes the control safer .

1. Lenth/Width:2100mm/550mm
2. Elevation(up/down):700mm/1000mm
3. Trendelenburg:≥25°
4. Reverse Trendelenburg:≥25°
5. Lateral Tilt(left/right):15°/15°
6. Head Rest(up/down):45°/90°
7. Footplate(up/down&horizontal positioning): 90°90°15°
8. Back plate(up/down):85°/20° 9. Kidney bridge:110mm 10. Sliding:350mm
11. Power:220v,50Hz,1.0kW
* 1 Anaesthetic Screen
* 2 Shoulder Rest
* 2 Arm Support
* 2 Waist Suppport
* 2 Knee Crutch
* 2 Foot Plate
*2 Long Slider
1PCS in a Box