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Workstation Trolley 314A

Product Name: Workstation Trolley 314A

Model Number: JDECF314A

Dimensions: L495*W500*H1390-1640mm

Material: Compact grade laminate; ABS

Product Material

1. Table surface is made of HPL, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistant;
2. It is adopted all-in-one computer (Optional);
3. Monitor Pillar: Aluminum alloy, elevation adjustment: 0-15°; rotation adjustment: ±90°; Battery button with back light; Battery indicator screen is for showing the battery status;
4. Base: cold rolled steel and ABS modular parts.

Product Parameters

Product Name Workstation Trolley 314
Base ABS plastic molding base
Pillar Height adjustable from 850mm to 1200m
Table Surface Compact grade laminate material table surface,PVC arc seal border impact strip
Wheel Castors Equipped with four noise-free castors with two brakes
Accessories Castors,Storage Drawer,Displayer Holder,Keyboard&Mouse Holder,Battery Storage Box

Product Feature

1.Height adjustment by T-motion electric motor with UPS, which can be operated without battery system;

2.Keyboard and mouse holder are installed on an extendable table;
3.One enclosed drawer for inventor and charger storage; One opening drawer is for storage.

Product Detail