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ANÓTEROS Electric Bed C

Product Name: ANÓTEROS Electric Bed C (Built-in Button)

Model Number: JDCJH251C1/JDCJH251C2

Dimensions: L2240×W1060×H490-790mm

Function: Five Functions

Material: Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE

Essential Information
Product Name ANÓTEROS Electric Bed C (Built-in Button)
Model Number JDCJH251C1/JDCJH251C2
Dimensions L2240×W1060×H490-790mm
Function Five Functions
Material Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE
Product Introduction

Product Display

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Product Material
1. Bed structure and leg are all made of premium cold rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating.
2. The bed plaform is cold rolled steel, consist of four foldable sections, stamping frame (JDCJH251C1); The bed platform is combined by PE plastic pillar, which is easy to clean and detachable (JDCJH251C2).
3. Detachable HDPE bed headboard and footboard.
4. Four-section full length protection HDPE side rails operated by gas spring.
Product Parameters
Product Name ANÓTEROS Electric Bed C (Five Functions)
Model Number JDCJH251C1/JDCJH251C2
Dimensions L2240×W1060×H490-790mm
Function Five functions
Material Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE
Brand JD MED
Bed Platform L1980×W900mm
Backrest 0-70°±5°
Legrest 0-40°±5°
Trendelenburg and Revers Trendelenburg 0-12°±3°
Height Adjustment 490-790±10mm
Bed Application Hospital and Clinic
Sticker Color Wood Grain/Lake Blue
Motor 4 Motors
Control Remote Control
Brake Central Brake
Product Feature
1. Electric Five Functions: Backrest 0-70°±5°, Legrest 0-40°±5°, Height Adjustment: 490-790±10mm, Trendelenburg and Revers Trendelenburg 0-12°±3°, Auto-contour, Calf Raising, One-Button Chair Position.
2. Four motors, high quality and noise-free, there are built-in control buttons on the backrest side rails and nurse control on the bed foot, with patient lock.
3. Manual dual CPR.
4. Weighing scale system, accuracy is 10g (optional function).
5. Backrest radiolucent board and X-ray cassette(optional function).
6. Blue liquid angle indicator on backrest and legrest side rails.
7. Clear acrylic head card for patient name display, four infusion holes, two drainage hooks around the bed.
8. Four 125mm diameter castors with central brake.
9. The length of the bed can be extended 15cm (optional function).
10. Auto regression 9cm or 12cm, reduce the abdominal pressure of patient.
Optional accessories and function list

Product Application
Because of the excellent quality and service, our ANÓTEROS Electric Bed are widely used in the hospital of different countries like the U.K, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Chile, Japan, Australia, Korea, etc.
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