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1.The bed head and the bed end plate can be removed and installed quickly to facilitate the emergency intubation and rescue needs of the patients; at the same time, it also has the auxiliary functions of raising and falling the bilateral guardrail, moving and locking the casters;

2.Electric bed has a detachable third section of guardrail, guardrail can be opened and closed, better prevent patients from falling into bed, and as a handrail to assist patients to get out of bed smoothly;

3.A fixed device at the end of the bedside bed with an infusion rack and an optional orthopedic traction rack;

4.Fixing device with drainage bag on both sides of bed;

5.Bed legs board with mattress anti-slip device;

6.Anti-collision buffer device around the bed body;

7.The inner side of the back guardrail has a handheld device storage device;

8.The outer side of the back and leg guardrail has an angle display device, and the inner side of the back guardrail has a handle that can assist the patient to get up.