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Attendant Couch

Product Name: Attendant Couch

Model Number: JDYPH112

Dimensions: L850xW800xH950mm(Seat Position) L850xW1980xH950mm(Lying Position)

Material: Cold rolled steel, Simulation leather

Essential Information
Product Name Attendant Couch
Model Number JDYPH112A
Dimensions L850*W800*H950mm(Seat position) L850*W1980*H950mm (Lying Position)
Material Cold rolled steel, Simulation leather
Product Display

Product Material
The frame structure is mainly made of cold rolled steel, the cover of the chair is high-quality simulation leather.
Product Feature
1. Easily foldable by just one hand with four castors; Large storage space is under the seat, which size is L480*W530*H230mmour castors;
2. Easily cleaning; Strong structure; Saving space; elegant design.
Application Scenario
Because of the excellent quality and service, our product are widely used in the hospital of different countries like the U.K, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Chile, Japan, Australia, Korea and etc.