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Workstation Trolley

Product Name: Workstation Trolley

Model Number: JDTGZ152

Dimensions: L1487*W658*H950mm


Product Features

1.Simple and movable worktable.
2.The countertop is made of artificial stone, which is waterproof ;
3.Four φ100mm Tente castor, two with brake;
4. High-strength bottom base with bumper

Product Innovation - Accessories

1.Various accessories, customized functions

a. Storage Solution (Customize number of catheter hooks as required)

2. More storage functions

a. Classified Storage Box

Product Innovation - ABS Medicine Box

1.Medicine box can be interchanged

2. ISO Basket (600 x 400mm)

3. Label Management

Product Application

ICU and emergency room

Treatment room

Consulting room


Deantal clinic