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Laundry Trolley C

Product Name: Laundry Trolley

Model Number: JDEWY112C

Dimensions: L600*W580*H900mm

Material: Stainless steel, Linen

Product Features

Dimensions: L600*W580*H900mm
Bag Size: 570*570*730mm
Product Material: 304 stainless steel.
Product Feature:
1.All stainless steel construction, space saver triangular design;
3.Foot operated tilt lid with bumper;
4.Easy to use big size foot pedal;
5.The sturdy heavy-duty shelf can keep the bag stably;
6.The bottom adopts ultra-quiet anti-winding castors with a diameter of Φ75mm, which is flexible in movement, quiet and silent, and has a large load capacity;
7.Rigid construction with all-welded base and top frames;
8.Equipped with two oversized dirt cloth bags, which are detachable and easy to change and wash.