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Storage Cabinet C

Product Name: Storage Cabinet C

Model Number: JDGYX121C

Dimensions: L910*W670*H2000mm

Material: Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum Alloy, ABS, PC, Stainless Steel

Essential Information
Product Name Storage Cabinet C
Model Number JDGYX121C
Dimensions L910xW670xH2000mm
Material Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum Alloy, ABS, PC, Stainless Steel
Product Display

Product Material
1. Welding of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with electrostatic spraying;
2. Install ABS-integrated interior panels in the cabinet, which is convenient for storing medicine boxes at multiple angles;
3. Aluminium alloy flat-shaped cabinet door handle, elegant and durable, does not take up space;
4. The medicine basket is equipped with freely adjusted PC dividers, which can be moved horizontally and vertically; the medicine box is equipped with 2pcs label cards;
5. Stainless steel retractable baseboard retracted 25mm.
Product Feature
1. The double door design is separated into two parts. Making it more convenient to take things;
2. The cabinet is equipped with 20pcs 100mm height medicine baskets in all, 10pcs on the top, 10pcs on the bottom;
3. Cam lock.
Product Application
Because of the excellent quality and service, our product are widely used in the hospital of different countries like the U.K, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Chile, Japan, Australia, Korea and etc.