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Storage Cabinet A

Product Name: Storage Cabinet A

Model Number: JDGYX121A

Dimensions: L910*W670*H2000mm

Material: Cold-rolled steel, Stainless steel, Glass

Product Purpose

Create a more scientific and reasonable medical equipment treatment space, through the flexible operation of accessories, to achieve 6S of nursing unit management. Clear zoning, rational allocation of functions, reduce the duplication of medical staff, reduce management confusion caused by errors, standardized storage space for drugs and equipment.

Product Innovation - Accessories

1.Various accessoriess, customized functions

a. Storage Solution (Customiza number of catheter hooks as required)

b. Combination of storage accessories

2. More storage functions

a. Classified Storage Box

Product Innovation - ABS Medicine Box

1.Medicine box can be interchanged

2. ISO Basket (600 x 400mm)

3. Label Management


Product Application