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TELEIOS Emergency Trolley

Series Name: TELEIOS Series
Product Name: Emergency Trolley
Model Number: JDEQJ284
Dimension: L700*W532*H1015/1065(To contertop’s upper edge)mm
Material: Aluminum, ABS, Stainless steel
Color: Optional
Certification: CE FDA ISO9001 ISO13485

Trolley Material

1.Surface: High-quality ABS material integrated injection molding;


(1)Aluminum alloy material, no rust and no deformation;

(2)ABS integrally formed drawer front panel, long-lasting and clean, easier to clean;

(3)ABS integrally formed handle comes with a label card slot, which is ergonomics to hold.

3.Pillar: High-quality aluminum alloy pillar;

4.Push handle: ABS integrated.

Trolley Feature

1.Cloud shape base, integrated trolley body design, beautiful and generous; large work surface, high-quality ABS material integrated injection molding, circular arc shape surrounding, comfortable hand feeling, no sanitary dead corners, easy to clean;

2. The left side of the table is equipped with extension table, and the pop-up design is easy to use;


(1) Three drawer sizes, 2×110mm, 2×150mm, and 1×210mm;

(2) Aluminum alloy drawer, large storage space, easy to clean, no rust and no deformation;

(3) The drawer equipped with silent and concealed soft closing bottom sliding rails, which saves space; the load capacity is large, the maximum load capacity is 40KG, under full load, no sinking or deformation occurs, the sliding is light and smooth, and the disassembly and installation are more convenient;

(4) ABS integrally formed drawer front panel, long-lasting and clean, easier to clean;

(5) ABS integrally formed handle comes with a label card slot, which is ergonomics to hold; replaceable labels, and has a label waterproof cover. Various colors of the handle can be selected, which is more convenient for visual color management;

(6) The drawer is equipped with adjustable PC dividers, which can divide the storage space, so that the items can be stored in an orderly manner. The drawer bottom is equipped with anti-slip mat.

4. Aluminum alloy column, oxidation treatment, smooth surface, corrosion resistance;

5.Embeded seals lock control device, equipped with seals lock, with different record number, easy and quick to unlock;

6.ABS integrated push handle, the matte texture is non-slip and does not take off, the diameter conforms to the ergonomic design, the feel is more comfortable, and the implementation is easy;

7.One-piece trolley back panel, easy to clean and wipe, with integrated oxygen cylinder storage groove, embeded power storage slot, to prevent bumps and accessories from falling;

8.Casters: high-quality ultra-quiet plug-in casters, φ125mm, single-sided wheels, more flexible steering, more convenient over-control, and faster disassembly;

9.All accessories are embeded and stored to improve the safety of the trolley body. During the movement, the accessories will not fall or be damaged in case of impact or bumps.

Trolley Standard Accessories

1.Acrylic material CPR board, arc surface;

2.A detachable defibrillator shelf is made of transparent acrylic material, and the width of the platform can be adjusted, which is suitable different sizes of machine;

3.A stainless steel infusion stand is equipped above the table, with a φ25mm, height adjustable;

4.The left side of the trolley body is equipped with a embeded, tiltable, automatic close transparent storage bucket with a capacity of 10 liters, which is convenient for storing documents,  equipment, consumables, etc., to ensure items are easily accessible, and the transparent design of storage items is clear at a glance. It is convenient to quickly take the needed items, and the surface of the storage bucket is smooth and easy to clean;

5.The right side of the trolley body is the accessories area, with adjustable height accessory bar, which is convenient for installing wire baskets, sharps boxes, etc.;

6.Equipped with 2 pedal-opening and flip-type waste bin.