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Home Products TELEIOS Doctor Workstation Trolley
TELEIOS Doctor Workstation Trolley

Product Name: TELEIOS Doctor Workstation Trolley

Model Number: JDECF383A

Dimensions: 560×592×940mm (to the table top)

Table size: 541×495mm

Base size: 500×561mm

Bracket height: 425mm

Display lifting stroke: 150mm

Table lifting stroke: 300mm (940-1240mm)

Caster diameter: 100mm

Dimensions: 560×592×940mm (to the table top)
1. Table size: 541×495mm
2. Base size: 500×561mm
3. Bracket height: 425mm
4. Display lifting stroke: 150mm
5. Table lifting stroke: 300mm (940-1240mm)
6. Caster diameter: 100mm
1. Electronically controlled table lifting
2. Electronically controlled display lifting
3. The countertop lamp is controlled by a touch switch, and the brightness is adjusted by touch, which is convenient for night work (optional)
4. The keyboard light is controlled by a touch switch, and the brightness is adjusted by touch, which is convenient for night medicine delivery records (optional)
5. The keyboard is automatically sliding out by pressing, and it is integrally formed by ABS mold, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean
6. One drawer with lock for storage, the left is equipped with a hidden pop-up extension table
7. Aluminum alloy lifting column, stable operation, no sanitary corners;
8. Aviation aluminum display bracket, load-bearing 25kg, vertical adjustment angle: -5°-15°, horizontal adjustment angle: 0°-180°
9. The lifting height can be stored in memory
10. Battery power supply and room electricity supply
11. 5-inch capacitive touch screen
12. High-strength plastic base, equipped with a battery compartment, can be equipped with hot-swappable batteries, which can realize 24 hours uninterrupted power supply
13. Four φ100mm silent universal double-sided castors, with bump protector
14. Standard accessories: 2pcs hot-swappable batteries, 1pc external charger, 1pc SS wire basket, 1pc mouse bracket, 1pc keyboard compartment, 1pc hidden pop-up extension table, 1pc display bracket, 1pc charging port, 1pc adapter bracket, 1pc central lock
15. Optional accessories: 1pc Computer and display, 1pc folding chair and bracket, 1pc Micro host box bracket, 1pc power outlet, 1pc glove box holder, 1pc scanning gun bracket, 1pc storage box, 1pc keyboard light, 1pc countertop lamp, 1pc disinfectant holder