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I-WORK Nurse Workstation Trolley

Product Name: I-WORK Nurse Workstation Trolley

Model Number: JDECF383B

Dimensions: 560×592×990mm (To table top)

Table size: 541×495mm

Base size: 500×561mm

Bracket height: 340mm

Display lifting stroke: 150mm

Caster diameter: 100mm

I-Work Workstation Trolley

Standard Dimensions
Model No. JDECF383B
Dimension (to the table top) 560×592×990mm
Table size 541×495mm
Base size 500×561mm
Bracket height 340mm
Display lifting stroke 150mm
Caster diameter 100mm

Product Function


1.Electronically controlled display lifting
2. Pressing controlled keyboard
3. Aviation aluminum display bracket
4. Five drawers with soft closing sliding rails
5. The lifting height can be stored in memory
6. 5-inch capacitive touch screen
7. Four φ100mm castors


Standard Configuration

Optional Accessories 

 Product Application