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OT Transfer Stretcher Trolley

Product Name: OT Transfer Stretcher Trolley

Model Number: JDEDJ114

Dimensions: L3570*W640*H660-950mm

Material: Aluminum alloy, PP

Essential Information
Product Name OT Transfer Stretcher Trolley
Model Number JDEDJ114
Dimensions L3570*W640*H660-950mm
Material Aluminum alloy, PP
Product Display

Product Material
1. The slide rail is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is light and stable, and easy to move;
2. The fully hidden ABS side rails can be completely retracted under the car surface to achieve zero clearance handling, which is convenient for emergency rescue of patients on the trolley;
3. PP plastic Bed platform, PP hydraulic spring side rails, easy operation by a single hand;
Product Feature
1. It consists of three parts: internal and external trolleys and stretchers. The inside and outside are docked with rails, and the stretcher part can slide on the rails;
2. The two trolleys are connected vertically and horizontally to form a unified slide rail. The bed surface can be transferred from one trolley to another, and the two trolleys are separated;
3. Backrest adjustment 0- 75° by gas spring, height adjustment 660-950mm by a manual crank;
4. Four central brake swivel casters with a diameter of 150mm are installed in each of the stretchers. It is controlled in three gears. In the front gear state, two-wheel directional operation; In the middle gear state, the four-wheel swivel operation; In the rear gear state, all four wheels are braked;
5. Loading capacity: 250KG;
6. Standard Accessories: Stainless steel IV pole, mattress;
7. Standard Accessories: Stainless steel IV pole, mattress.
Application Scenario

Because of the excellent quality and service, our product are widely used in the hospital of different countries like the U.K, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Chile, Japan, Australia, Korea and etc.