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Workstation trolley

Product Name: Workstation trolley (Electric control)

Model Number: JDECF311

Dimensions: L440*W500*H1223-1473mm

Material: Compact grade laminate; ABS

Product Material

1. Dimension: L440*W500*H1223-1473mm
Table size: 440*500mm
Base size: 505*485mm
Table Height adjustment: H850-1100mm
2. Height adjustment by Imported motor, which can be operated without battery system
3. Four φ100mm noise free castors, two with brakes
4. Keyboard and mouse holder are installed on an extendable table;
5. Table surface is made of HPL, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance;
6. It is adopted all-in-one computer (Optional);
7. Aviation aluminum display bracket, vertical adjustment angle: -5°-15°, horizontal adjustment angle: 0°-180°
8. The control panel with PVC film, LCD indicator screen is for showing the battery status, with power switch button
8. ABS integrated base with battery compartment
9. One drawer for storage
10. Standard accessories: 1pc mouse bracket, 1pc keyboard compartment, 1pc display bracket, 1pc charging port, 1pc adapter bracket
11. Optional accessories: 1pc Computer and display, 2pcs hot-swappable batteries, 1pc external charger, 1pc folding chair and bracket, 1pc Micro host box bracket, 1pc power outlet, 1pc glove box holder, 1pc disinfectant holder, 1pc scanning gun bracket